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Analysis of laser marking machine series products

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-09-27

as one of the major brand identity, are popular with many users. In 4. 0 industrial age with smart identity in the Internet era of rapid development become one of the main needs of the masses of users. Now generally have one thing in common, that is lazy, intelligent machines can be used instead of something would never use manpower to complete identification marking on the aspects of the same goods, intelligent identification available for many consumers directly to abandon the traditional ink printing and carving. And guangzhou elegant jade-like stone as the supply of laser marking machine manufacturers, one of its laser marking machine series products are mainly what? In this small make up for you to do a basic level of understanding.

in fact, laser marking machine series products are mainly divided into five categories: co2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, desktop laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine and 3 d laser marking machine. Both the similarities between them, there are differences. The table is divided into fiber and CO2 laser marking machine, so can say laser marking machine series products have been into four broad categories of what are their characteristics?

a Co2 laser marking machine, Co2

Co2 laser marking machine adopt the advanced technology, speed and stability is extremely good, not only on the performance and reliability can give customers a better trust, marking machine system high precision, high speed, the performance is very stable, can work continuously for a long time, can be directly applied in massive online processing running water production line, operation is simple, can be used in a variety of industries, such as cosmetics, medicine, food, hardware, electronics, automobile, chemical, building materials and other industries. Its color mainly has four kinds: red, yellow, purple and blue.

2, fiber laser marking machine

fiber laser marking machine adopts a solid laser technology, environmental protection, reduce customer maintenance, machine downtime concerns, optical fiber laser has been successfully applied dynamic code system, mainly due to the top of the VIIJET years experience of software application in high speed, excellent marking quality to provide a clearer and more accurate bar code identification interface, according to the different needs of customers choose a different user interface and the use of special software design achieve the marking requirements of different customers. There are mainly two models: the color red and blue.

3, desktop laser marking machine

desktop laser marking machine is own workbench, it mainly include co2 fiber with two different styles:

desktop co2 laser marking machine with light, environmental protection, printing, quick and easy to use; The key parts adopt Europe and the United States imported, with independent development of independent operating system, machine performance is stable, good beam quality, long life, price is quite high in performance.

desktop optical fiber laser marking machine is imported high-speed galvanometer, direct current modulation speed, stable performance, semiconductor laser as a seed source ( MOPA) Scheme of the fiber laser with perfect laser characteristics and the pulse shape of good control ability, which can realize constant peak power output, and can apply to the wider on the substrate. In addition, the tuning Q laser cannot become a MOPA.

4, ultraviolet laser marking machine

uv laser marking machine focusing spot diameter smaller, marking a finer effect, all kinds of material of ultraviolet absorption rate is high. Narrow pulse width of laser and materials effect time is short, small heat effect, marking effect is more beautiful, clear marking graphics, fine without consumables, stable performance. High-end market is mainly used in fine processing, cosmetics, medicines, food and other packaging bottles of marking on the surface of polymer material, fine effect, mark clear and firm.

5, 3 d laser marking machine

3 d laser marking machine adopts laser control system, (' 3 axis' X, Y and Z axis) Can keep the smallest laser speckle in any distance. The focal length may be adjusted within 40 mm, and did not reduce the marking effect. Use the variable light spot size 'function of high precision marking, less damage location and character size and location and size to produce actual exposure, exposure coordinates and character size and the actual effect is not going to happen, implements the whole marker light evenly.

this is about five some brief information of laser marking machine, and a small number of characteristics, want to know more details of relevant parameters can view the specific product page, hope to be able to help you.

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