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Analysis of spurt the code machine ink used in eggs is really compliance?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-25
Analysis of spurt the cij printer ink used in eggs is really compliance? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - 28 browsing: 0

about food safety problem is almost every consumer attention a question, almost every year there are this or that kind of food safety problem. Today to share is about eggs food safety, the most common in eggs food is eggs, this is also our contact in daily life is more a kind of food. Their eggs consumers don't use worry about security issues, but outside in the purchase of consumers may worry, especially some eggs food, especially the 'identity'.

a so-called 'identity' is actually the businessman in order to guarantee food safety to consumers, and promote the brand in the shell surface to add a form of information, mainly is to use the ink will be main information such as origin, date of production, brand spray printing on the shell surface, so as to highlight the the difference between these eggs with the rest of the eggs. Many manufacturers will be through the spurt the cij printer to give eggs special 'identity'. As more and more businesses will spray the information printed on the egg shell surface, would attract the consumer purchase information of the ink is safe, if really can rest assured to eat? If not the potential security threat to the human body factors?

appear such doubts a now is very normal, as mentioned in the previous articles sharing spurt the cij printer used by the ink material is dangerous, it is not a safe environmental protection material. So consumption for this kind of form spurts India security problems in suspicious is also normal, believe that relevant departments also attaches great importance to this. Assuming no direct contact with the ink used to make food, so whether humans will go to eat, his security problems of the egg itself is a great threat, once people eat so don't know what the consequences of, this is unexpected.

so on eggs goods spray printing ink, first close law enforcement is specified, only in this way can ensure the safety of consumers, let consumers can rest assured purchase and reassured. According to the GB4806. 1 - 2016 'clearly stipulated in the basic requirements of shell type of ink, limited requirements, principle, testing method, etc. , one of the important two points is the ink used must conform to the GB31603 standards, use of additives should also comply with the provisions of the GB9685. Don't meet the requirements of both ink is not able to use in a shell goods, also cannot be used on other food items, offenders will receive the punishment of the relevant departments of quality.

all in all, any eggs raw manufacturer in the select ink must be in conformity with the relevant provisions of the state, and the need to make sure whether the cost of the ink also conform to the specification of food additives, to ensure that other adverse chemical pigments on eggshells. The shell compliance depends on to use spray printing ink manufacturers ink purchased by conform to relevant national regulations, and does the supplier shall be carried out in accordance with the normal sequence production. But on the market at present most of the egg shell above spray printing ink is qualified, consumers can rest assured purchase.
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