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Analysis of the characteristics of carbon dioxide co2 laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-09

We know that green laser marking machine is a common type of laser marking machine. The green laser marking machine is a semiconductor laser source. The following editor will introduce the characteristics of the green laser marking machine. I hope it will help you.

The focused green laser marking machine has an output wavelength of 532nm, a smaller spot diameter, more concentrated energy, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, and good beam quality. The standard accuracy is below 10m. The frame is neat, no explosion points, no thermal deformation.

Green laser marking machine is very suitable for marking glass products, marking, mobile phone screens, LCD screens, optical lenses and other glass for egg carts. It is also suitable for the processing of most metal and non-metal materials, such as electrical appliances, communications, precision instruments, electronic parts, electrical products, integrated circuits, hardware products, auto parts, plastic products, decoration and other fields. Compared with similar products, the green laser laser marking machine is cost-effective and very popular in the market.

Green laser marking machine is also a kind of laser marking machine in China. It uses high-power multimode laser diode pumping to generate a green-light laser beam that affects laser frequency doubling, and then learns computer-system control techniques for high-speed data-scanning vibrations. Our company produces various types of green laser marking machines, and this is also the most common laser marking machine is the green marking machine.

The basic working principle of green light marking machine is mainly to study and develop the interference phenomenon of light. Two laser beams are incident on transparent objects and objects (such as glass, crystal, etc.) from different angles and meet precisely at one point. Since the two lasers interfere and cancel at the point of intersection, the machine can precisely control the energy of the two lasers to converge at different positions, resulting in a large number of small holes, which are then formed according to the content.

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