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Analysis of the characteristics of two-dimensional code inkjet printers for cartons

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-23
Now our packaging is very important. These are the related needs of our products. In the production of products, the packaging is very important. These mainly play a protective role, and our cartons are more common. It is a kind of, so, this is what we value very much. Next, I will share some details with you: the analysis of the characteristics of the two-dimensional code inkjet printer for cartons. I hope you can understand this.   The first point: In terms of printing accuracy. The printing accuracy of our two-dimensional code inkjet printer is also very high, and this is also a printing accuracy that can be set within a certain range. This is for enterprise users to choose QR code cij printers to ensure high recognition rate of barcodes, QR codes and other content, which does not require the use of high-end collection equipment, so in practical applications, this is also more suitable for some enterprises with large production volumes. user.   The second point: The two-dimensional code inkjet printer can be used to connect multiple sets of nozzles, which can meet the coding needs of multiple production lines, so that the printing speed is continuously accelerated, which can save a lot of purchase costs for enterprise users.   The third point: The vision is also very good, and the effect is also very good. The two-dimensional code inkjet printer uses environmentally friendly ink, which meets the adaptability of a variety of materials, and can have good firmness and visual effects on the surface of permeable and non-permeable materials;    fourth point: the adhesion of this ink It is very good. The ink of the two-dimensional code cij printer generally guarantees high adhesion on the surface of the material, which can also prevent scratches and waterproof to the greatest extent. The analysis of the characteristics of the two-dimensional code inkjet printer for cartons is shared with you in detail. I hope that you can choose a better way to print when performing corresponding operations. This effect will also be more obvious. , This requires us to pay attention.
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