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Analysis of the development status of the laser marking machine market

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-21

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of fiber laser marking machines. What is the market penetration of fiber laser marking machines? How is the development status? Zhou Jun, then a researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and executive vice president of the Nanjing Advanced Laser Technology Research Institute, said: 'The fiber laser marking machine is far from reaching the market saturation state.'

He According to the analysis, for fiber laser marking machines, from the perspective of market application, pulsed fiber lasers with an output average power of tens of watts and a pulse width of tens of nanoseconds have dominated the laser marking market; The high-pulse energy fiber laser marking machine and the high-peak power ultra-short pulse fiber laser marking machine for fine micromachining are still in the research and development stage in China, and the industrialization development needs to be further improved.

The fiber laser marking machine technology industry has been designated as a major national-level enterprise technology application research and development project, because this is an inevitable trend of technological development, and the future will enter the laser era. It is not very developed; especially the key supply of the optoelectronic industry, research and development in the laser technology industry is indispensable, and the vigorously developed laser technology has been widely used.

The development and application of metal marking machine technology has greatly improved the work efficiency of the printing industry. , to achieve high efficiency, long life, high power, multi-functional excellent applications, from the marking of equipment, electronic accessories to mold, metal welding repair, can be applied. Laser marking machine technology is being expanded and widely used, and the scope of application will be unlimited, which has also become a sign of the vigorous development of the laser industry.

From 2008 to 2009, despite the negative growth of 24.8% in the global laser market, the Chinese laser market still maintained a growth of 15.1%, and the laser industry revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan, reaching 11.54 billion yuan, becoming an emerging force in the global laser market. With the overall recovery of China's manufacturing industry in 2010, its growth rate was nearly 20%, and the overall market size of the laser industry exceeded 13.7 billion yuan; in 2011 and 2012, the market size of my country's laser industry maintained continuous growth, reaching 15.116 billion yuan and 164.47 billion respectively In 2014, the total sales volume of lasers in my country exceeded 20 billion yuan, and in 2015, the total sales volume of lasers in my country was about 21.8 billion yuan.

According to the current market share of fiber laser marking machines, the market is mainly occupied by large and small power, especially in my country. Due to the relatively late start of my country's laser industry, there is still a certain gap with foreign developed countries. , especially in high-power laser technology, so when laser technology is so widely used, my country should vigorously develop laser technology!

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