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Analysis of the development trend of inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-13
1. Adaptability: The adaptability of laser inkjet printers is even better. Laser inkjet printers have brought huge impact and sales competition to the cij printer industry that has been developed for nearly two decades. But it is undeniable that for traditional inkjet printers, its adaptability to use is still very strong, so strong that some products are laser inkjet printers and will not replace them at all! For example, cable industry, special steel industry, etc. In addition, laser printers in industries such as food and beverage, medicine and health care, daily chemical, building materials, auto parts, electronic appliances, etc. are still competent, especially high-speed filling production lines. According to the development prospect report of inkjet printers, laser cij printers have a higher cost performance and do not require any post-cij printer consumables. In short, most industries need and can apply inkjet printers. For laser printers, the lack of adaptability often reflects some of its specialties, such as anti-counterfeiting marks, such as high-speed zero failure rate marking, etc. These are also one of the advantages that inkjet printers cannot achieve and cannot replace. . 2. Stability: The laser printing machine is more stable. No matter what product manufacturer, it pays extra attention to the efficiency and stability of the equipment, whether it is what we call 'laser marking machine' or insiders. The so-called 'laser cij printer' is a huge advantage in terms of high efficiency and stability, which makes inkjet printers unmatched. In terms of stability, the stability of laser printers is absolutely unmatched by printers. In terms of failure rate and experience, laser printers are far superior to printers. In terms of printing effect, the laser machine is burned by laser, has high penetration and anti-counterfeiting functions, the mark is clear and beautiful without distortion, and can mark any font in the computer. The laser printing machine directly passes through the computer’s WINDOW system. Everyone can use it. As long as you can use simple pinyin, it can be fully operated. The parameters that need to be adjusted are simple and clear. The amount of information that can be saved is large. It is suitable for a variety of products and a large amount of information. Engraving two-dimensional code, garbled code, some inkjet printers can not do the range. 3. Environmental protection: laser printers are more environmentally friendly and friendly. The use of laser printers is in full compliance with national or local environmental protection requirements and will not pollute the environment. The place of use can also be kept clean, and it is also for the user's body An invisible protection. Everyone should know that inkjet printer consumables are flammable and explosive chemicals, which are extremely volatile and easily cause hidden harm to inhalers. In today's society, safety is more important than production. No one can take it lightly. An enterprise with safety guarantee is a sustainable development and has development prospects.
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