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Analysis of the influence of small character inkjet printer on society

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-25
Over the years, our country has led the world to recognize this eastern country from the ground up from a different perspective. The infinite shopping malls and personnel have allowed Western companies and investors to shift their investment horizons to my country, bringing unprecedented competition formats. my country’s local industries will face the reshuffle of different professions and industries; the national economy is increasing year by year, and the national economy The increase in per capita economic income has given consumers deeper needs and desires to purchase. The influx of foreign commodities has put pressure on domestic industries.  The small character cij printer introduces two-dimensional codes into many commodity systems, and carries out product segmentation and traceability in many commodities. The use of two-dimensional codes has now entered the market throughout the period, and small-character inkjet codes have printed two-dimensional codes to more areas, greatly reducing the company's publicity costs.  Small character coding can enable more products to be branded and promoted. The original shopping malls dominated by barcodes will be promoted. With the promotion, the products will no longer be the deductive method of the past, and will bring more consumers a re-cognition of the products. After scanning the code, consumers will Seeing the place where the product is produced, the composition and safety of the product, the product will no longer be a product, but will be interpreted as a brand.  Small character printing leads the brand into a new era of promotion. The diversification of brands and the increase in competitive power have caused more brands to also face competition in shopping malls. This is not only a commodity, but more is the preemption of brand shopping malls. The small character cij printer can achieve the promotion method and promotion The tricks are introduced into the commodity system, allowing the commodity to open up to another mode and present it to consumers. Deepen and optimize the difference between occupations, so that customers can feel the different feelings of your products more intuitively.
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