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Analysis on the core technology of high-quality inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-12

Each industry has its own national standards, industry standards, and corporate standards. People often understand and learn these standards to judge the quality of a product. , Also

It is the difference of what we usually say. In the inkjet printer industry, we usually

The most important criterion for understanding the good and bad of cij printers lies in the stability and functionality of the machine, and among the two, stability is particularly important. Most valued by users. Maintaining

High-stability operation can create a high-quality cij printer. What are the main factors that affect the stability of the inkjet printer? This involves the core technology of the inkjet printer, and what aspects does the core technology of the inkjet include? Since the working method of the inkjet printer is continuous printing by electric field deflection, the control technology involved in this aspect can be regarded as the core technology in a broad sense. It mainly includes the following aspects.

1. Ink dot charging control technology, from ink line separation to ink dot, from ink dot charging to splitting to deflection and recovery, which requires

Mature and stable control procedures are required.

Second, the ink dot phase detection technology, more phase detection can get higher phase detection resolution, so as to ensure printing

The effect is good. This technology is the most important factor in determining the printing quality and speed of the inkjet printer. This also requires a mature and stable control program.

Three, ink viscosity and temperature control technology to ensure stable ink viscosity and temperature can ensure the stability of charging and splitting, from

To achieve a stable printing effect without being affected by the environment, this requires a good structure and engineering fluid design.

Fourth, the automatic sealing technology can make the nozzle not touch the air in the non-working state, that is, how to make it as much as possible during the working process

Less debris enters the ink system of the printer-the method used is low vacuum recovery technology.

Five, automatic cleaning control technology, this technology includes the automatic cleaning function of turning on and off the machine, the purpose is to ensure that the cij printer is at any time

When the work is normal, this requires a complete control program to control the completion.

In addition to the above five aspects, the core technology of the inkjet printer also includes software algorithms and nozzle manufacturing.

The mission of the inkjet printer is to 'bring the innovation of product identification to the users of the worldp>

It is the grand goal we are pursuing. To achieve this goal, it will definitely be: footprints left by every corner of the world for the manufacturers of the world


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