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Analyze the future development scenarios of inkjet printers and matters needing attention

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-29

With the continuous development of the economy, the current production also has great changes, especially with the improvement of people's needs, the production must slowly keep up with the times, and our cij printers are also full of challenges I hope everyone has a detailed understanding of this aspect.

1. Automatic processing mechanism for marking and Leadtech Coding.

As we all know, independent cij printers are becoming more and more difficult to sell. With the gradual saturation of the market, many production enterprises and processing plants already have their own marking equipment. The probability of a printer is getting lower and lower. In the future, more and more will be purchased in order to increase efficiency, make matching marking equipment, provide production, marking speed, and reduce labor costs. It is only a necessary link in the entire production line, and it can communicate with the intelligent production line and print variable information. In 2018, the two-dimensional code cij printer represented this importance.

2. The overall solution for inkjet marking

From the production and processing technology of products, the allocation of factory production capacity, the allocation of personnel, and the degree of automation, we start at the same time in many aspects to provide customers with One-stop marking equipment and procurement, transformation of automated production lines, and customization of non-standard automated coding platforms, provide overall marking solutions for upper, middle, and lower reaches, improve customer procurement efficiency and reduce selection difficulty. In the product development and testing stage, we can provide customers with more targeted technical services, and can carry out customized research and development of automated Leadtech Coding platforms according to customer product identification requirements, so that products can achieve high adhesion and high definition coding. Various environmental requirements and meet customer needs.

3. In the future, there will be large-format, high-resolution printing needs. The third point is that with the enrichment of logo content, and consumers want to see more valuable information about products, Simply printing a production date, expiration date, batch number, etc. can no longer meet the growing requirements of customers. Two-dimensional code has become the mainstream form of identification in the future. In China, taking QR-type two-dimensional code as an example, it can contain Chinese , English, URL jump and other functions.

4. Variable coding requirements

In many industries, simple fixed content coding can only achieve the presentation of some relatively simple content, variable The demand for coding is mainly reflected in the assignment of variable barcodes and variable two-dimensional codes, especially in the food industry, electronics industry, battery industry, mobile phone spare parts, computer spare parts industries, and the demand for product traceability is also very high. High, variable coding has also become an inevitable product of a new development trend.

5. The basic application of two-dimensional code

6. The inkjet printer is more sensitive to electrostatic reaction. If the body of the inkjet printer has static electricity, the equipment should be carried out in time effective grounding. When operating the circuit or print head, be sure to cut off the main power supply of the printer first. Moreover, each pipe interface of the ink supply system must ensure that there is no leakage. Check whether the ink supply of the ink cartridge is normal, ensure that there is no air leakage at the interface of the ink supply tube of the nozzle, and that the ink in the ink supply tube has no air bubbles, otherwise there will be insufficient ink supply.

7. During operation, if the ink filling speed is found to be slow, the filter must be checked or replaced. The ink supply should be carried out before the print head is powered on, because ink is the main way to take away the heat of the print head. The internal circuit system structure of the cij printer should be kept tight. If there is no professional technical ability, it is best not to disassemble it without permission.

8. The ink flow between the print head and the sub-cartridge is realized by the physical siphon principle, so there must be a strict height difference between the two. The liquid level of the ink cartridge is 1 to 5 cm higher. When cleaning the nozzle with a manual air pump, after lifting the air pump button, press the button slowly, and do not press the button forcefully and quickly.

Two-dimensional code from QR code, DM code and other barcode types, according to different applications and different product sales areas, there will be some differences in selection, but the purpose is the same, all to enrich the logo content, realize the establishment of the manufacturer's big data platform, better understand customer preferences, trace product sales, understand market dynamics, understand some real-time feedback from customers, and make better products to meet the market and enhance competitiveness.

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