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Anniversary to wear? T-shirts are necessary - custom anniversary

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-20
In the period of the increasingly fierce market competition, the market is always superior bad discard, can spend a year after year anniversary is also very not easy. Hold their annual meeting enterprise, is the summary of the work for the past year, as well as the expectations of the New Year, most companies will conduct various forms of the year-end annual meeting, through the annual meeting of the company to cooperate with all the staff and customers show years achievements, and honor, enhancing people's confidence in the company's future development. Hold their annual meeting in the cold winter weather, custom t-shirts company anniversary is necessary. Warm comfortable fleece and choose the unique corporate culture design custom on the fleece, such enterprises are not only the annual meeting of the fleece has unique style, also can promote enterprise culture everywhere. So how to custom clothing? 1. Choose to print the image, and then use Photoshop or PS, and other graphics software set the size of the printed image, etc. 2. Pretreatment need to print dress, evenly spraying pretreatment solution, and then use the press for 30 seconds. 3. Put clothes in the digital jet printing T-shirt laser printing machine, and then start the printer for printing. 4. After printing, use ironing clothing ironing machine, rapid evaporation ink excess water.
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