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Anti-counterfeiting and anti-crossing goods

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-30
Gradually, with the improvement of people's living standards and the continuous updating and promotion of consumption concepts, people nowadays pay more and more attention to skin care. In this dry spring, people’s skins are basically dry. Therefore, people have invested heavily in skin care products, especially for women. Nowadays, skin care products have become the mainstream products of domestic cosmetics consumption. However, in the current situation of the daily chemical industry, how to achieve anti-counterfeiting and anti-squatting behavior? Skin care products are the most personal products used by people, so be careful when using them. The inkjet printer solution is applied to a variety of daily chemical product production lines, including bottle packaging, carton packaging and so on. The content of the cij printer can be based on customer requirements. For example: production date, expiry date, product batch number, trademark pattern, identifiable bar code, two-dimensional code, to meet the traceable identification requirements, and play a role in preventing counterfeiting and anti-crossing goods. In the application of the cosmetics industry, an inkjet cosmetics cij printer can also be used to realize product codes online. Due to different cosmetic packaging materials, high-adhesion inks can be used. It can achieve the effect of anti-counterfeiting and anti-crossing goods.
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