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Anti-counterfeiting technology for wine packaging

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-04
The anti-counterfeiting effect of the cij printer is very good, and the traditional anti-counterfeiting technology of alcohol packaging is divided into two types: one is information anti-counterfeiting and the other is destroying anti-counterfeiting. Information anti-counterfeiting is the use of identification products and special methods for anti-counterfeiting. For example, use the inkjet printer with invisible ink, or use the cij printer to cause burns on the bottle body for permanent anti-counterfeiting. The anti-counterfeiting of cij printer information is convenient and economical for the production enterprise. In conjunction with corresponding anti-counterfeiting terminals, such as manual information verification or website database use, consumers can complete authenticity inquiries.  Generally speaking, everyone knows that there are two main deficiencies in information anti-counterfeiting: First, the bottle body and cap can be recycled multiple times. The information permanently stored on such cij printers may be illegally used here, becoming an important way of counterfeiting and causing economic losses to consumers and production enterprises. On the other hand, information anti-counterfeiting requires consumers to make phone calls or text messages or online inquiries, learn relevant anti-counterfeiting knowledge and methods, and the operations are relatively complicated.   So how to compare the information anti-counterfeiting technology, and the destructive anti-counterfeiting technology mainly uses the non-reusable characteristics of packaging. For cij printers such as: opening the bottle and destroying the cap, the cap can only be used once. Use fragile packaging between the bottle cap and the bottle body and cannot be used again after disassembly. The disadvantage of this anti-counterfeiting technology is that it may cause a waste of resources and is not conducive to environmental protection. For more information about anti-counterfeiting inkjet printers, QR code inkjet printers, and imported cij printers, please visit our official website: http://
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