Leadtech inkjet printer: The leading manufacturer in CIJ printer - continuous inkjet printer, since 2011. 

Any export certifications on continuous inkjet printer ?
In order to expand market globally, LEAD TECH Technology Co., Ltd. has several credentials on continuous inkjet printer . With the expansion of the Internet, we have now started to compete on a global scale. Exporting products largely contributes to increasing our profits. And our product has gained a great reputation globally.

LEAD TECH is proud of its exceptional record of producing a series of laser printing machine in such an efficient way. cij printer series manufactured by LEAD TECH include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. To LEAD TECH, adopting superior raw material for laser printing machine is responsible for customers. Things printed by this product have high image resolution. The product has a long service life. Its fully shielded design helps to avoid leakage problems and thus better protects its components from damage. It can deliver crisp colored graphs, charts, and other graphics.

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