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Application, advantages and disadvantages of various types of large-format laser marking machines

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-17

In the application of laser equipment, sometimes there is a need to customize the laser marking machine because the product needs to be marked with a larger format.

Today’s laser is the root

According to past experience, let’s take a look at the large-format laser marking machine:

1: Large-format lens-based laser marking machine

2: XY electric platform splicing laser marking machine

3: dynamic galvanometer large format laser marking machine

3: large format Non-splicing platform type laser marking machine

4: Large format non-splicing platform type laser marking machine

1: Large format lens type laser marking machine

< /p>This type of large-format laser marking machine achieves large-format laser marking by replacing a larger range of lenses, and it is also a more commonly used large-format laser on the market.

Marking equipment.

The lens we know usually works in the range of 100*100/200*200mm, and the larger lenses on the market can achieve 400*400/600*600mm.

This method of large-format marking should pay attention to the following points:

1. Because of the increase in the marking range, the power requirements of the laser are It's even higher, so first determine how much power laser you need to use in the marking range you require.

2. As the range of the lens increases, the focal length increases accordingly, so it is necessary to increase the stroke of the column.

3. This method is simple and convenient, low cost, and what is needed is to change the lens.

However, this method of laser marking also has some problems.

1. Larger marking format leads to weaker energy, marking lines will be slightly thicker than small format.

2. Because the diffusion angle of the lens is increased, the edge will be slightly deformed. The larger the lens format, the greater the deformation of the edge.

Even the best lens will have the same problems in large-format marking applications.

Two: XY electric platform splicing laser marking machine To type the next part; then continue to repeat the operation until all the content is typed.

1. In theory, this method can be used for laser marking without limit.

2. This method of marking is relatively fine and will not cause the problem of thicker marking lines caused by changing large scenes.

But this method also has corresponding shortcomings:

1. The XY platform may have accuracy errors, which may not be spliced u200bu200bor the naked eye may Splicing phenomenon observed.

If you want to splice well, you must use a high-precision platform, but the cost is still higher than that of an ordinary platform.

2. Marking in this way will use multiple documents, and the drawings need to be processed. If the drawings are not processed well, they will not be able to be combined. This also requires operations.

3. It is necessary to determine whether the control card supports this large format marking method.

4. Because this method also has more graphics processing, some control cards are easy to get stuck, so you need to carefully select a more suitable control card.

Three. Dynamic large-format laser marking machine

Dynamic large-format laser marking machine is also called 3D laser marking machine, which can control the adjustment of the front focus lens to realize large-format laser marking. Automatically adjust to a certain focus within the range to realize large-format laser marking.

The advantage of dynamic large-format laser marking is that the edge is not deformed, and each beam of light from the laser is theoretically the same in thickness, which can realize fine marking.

The only problem is the high cost. This dynamic marking method is a complete set of systems, including galvanometers, control cards, and software. The price is higher than ordinary ones. The equipment is much more expensive.

Four. Large-format non-splicing platform laser marking machine

This kind of marking method is currently relatively few in the market. The entire large-format platform relies on the XY platform to move while marking during the marking process. After the marking is completed There is no splicing gap, the speed is faster, the power demand for the laser will not increase, and the lines are fine.

But this kind of control card is relatively expensive, and the speed and accuracy of the XY platform are very high. It is suitable for use in scenes that require high marking accuracy. It is still used under normal circumstances. Marking is a little bit more in the form of splicing.

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