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Application advantages of fiber lasers in various industries

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-12

Fiber lasers have a wide range of applications in the communication industry, industrial processing, printing, military and medical fields due to their absolute advantages. The main aspects are as follows:

(1) Application of fiber laser in fiber communication: Because the erbium-doped fiber amplifier relies on the pumping of single-mode laser diode, the output power is relatively small , it is more and more difficult to meet the requirements for multi-wavelength signal amplification. The emergence of fiber lasers solves these problems, enabling fiber amplifiers to work at any wavelength in the optical communication window and amplify optical signals online. It is an ideal choice for long (ultra-long) distance communication to achieve signal amplification.

(2) Application of fiber lasers in laser processing: Compared with traditional high-power lasers, fiber lasers have high conversion efficiency, good beam parameters, long maintenance periods, and low operating costs. The advantages are very advantageous in industrial processing. Fiber lasers are very suitable as laser light sources for laser processing equipment. Currently, they are mainly used in laser marking, laser micromachining (precision cutting, drilling and welding on the order of millimeters and tens of microns), high-power industrial processing (cutting, welding, drilling, etc.)

Over time, the unmatched performance of fiber lasers will be increasingly recognized. Its wide application is of great significance to improving the level of industrial processing in my country. It is foreseeable that with the production of new devices and the improvement of the resonator structure, fiber lasers will become a strong competitor of semiconductor lasers and become the main light source of all-optical networks in the future. In the long run, this new type of high-efficiency, long-life, small-volume, high-power fiber laser will surely be widely used, has a very broad potential market, and will gradually replace traditional lasers.

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