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Application advantages of laser marking machine in metal materials

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-21

Metal material marking usually adopts pneumatic marking machine and laser marking machine. According to the different marking content, suitable marking equipment can be used to process the product. , Generally speaking, the logo content is generally brand name, trademark, product parameters, production date, production specifications, two-dimensional code and other information.

The pneumatic marking machine is a computer-controlled printing needle that moves on a certain trajectory in the X and Y two-dimensional planes, while the printing needle performs high-frequency impact motion under the action of compressed air. , So as to print a certain depth mark on the workpiece. The laser marking machine is a marking equipment that uses different lasers to strike a laser beam on the surface of a variety of different materials, and use light energy to cause physical or chemical changes in the surface material, thereby engraving permanent marks such as patterns, trademarks, and text.

The power of the pneumatic marking machine comes from high-pressure gas. Under the push of the pressure, the metal needle of high hardness alloy is used to perform high-frequency impact on the metal material to form text, pattern. However, the laser marking machine adopts non-contact processing without touching the surface of metal materials, and without damaging the material, it also has the characteristics of high marking accuracy, fast speed, and permanent marking.

Metal material laser marking machine generally refers to fiber laser marking machine, which is characterized by high marking accuracy, fast speed, and stable performance. It only needs to be controlled by a computer , The operation is simple, it can print all kinds of complex patterns, text, two-dimensional codes and other content. Its advantages in marking metal materials are as follows:

1, non-contact type Processing, no internal stress

Laser marking is processed by a non-mechanical 'light knifeNo internal stress is generated, and the original accuracy of the workpiece is guaranteed. No corrosion to the working surface, no wear, no poison, no pollution.

2. Low operating cost, high-precision marking

Metal laser marking machine marks once forming, marking speed Fast and low energy consumption, so the operating cost is low. Although the equipment investment of the laser marking machine is larger than that of the traditional marking equipment, from the operating cost, the use of the laser marking machine is much lower. Compared with traditional processing methods, laser marking machines are especially suitable for marking complex graphics due to their high-precision characteristics. The marking speed is fast and the mark is formed at one time, which greatly expands its application range.

3, the application range is wide, the operation is simpler

The material, shape, size and The requirements of the processing environment are low, and it can produce a good marking effect for some 3D curved surfaces or workpieces on an assembly line. It can mark a variety of metal, non-metal and alloy materials with very good durability, a wide range of applications, and the mark is not easy to erase. The operation is simple and easy to learn, and the technicians only need to learn in a short time to learn.

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