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Application advantages of laser marking on medical equipment

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-02

Laser has become an important tool for various medical practices.

The procedure that used to extend the length of hospital stay and recovery time can now be completed within a few hours, usually without overnight.

However, there is another secondary connection between lasers and the medical field.

Laser has been used for cutting, welding and marking various surgical instruments and medical devices.

Currently, lasers have micron-level working capabilities. For medical equipment, lasers are a good industrial marking solution.

Most medical equipment usually undergoes a chemical passivation process to form a surface film on the equipment to enhance its inherent corrosion resistance, prevent corrosion, and make it less susceptible to bacteria.

One of the main advantages of the laser marking machine is that it can mark the instrument without causing any damage to the chemical coating.

Even after years of continuous use, cleaning and sterilization, the marked surface still maintains its corrosion resistance.

The identification of medical equipment is a necessary condition to ensure that the equipment is easy to identify and recall, which is also very important for the safety of patients.

Medical equipment and equipment usually need to be marked with long strings of letters and numbers.

A lot of information, including serial number, date, and manufacturing location, is usually marked directly on the device.

The information can include all kinds of letters and numbers, and it is a difficult task to place them on an instrument measuring the size of a pencil, and sometimes even a smaller instrument.

This is where the laser marking machine surpasses other marking technologies.

The advanced laser marking machine can mark codes containing more than 20 characters in a space of no more than one centimeter. This is the accuracy achieved by today's technology.

There are various other marking technologies that can be used to mark metal products, including screen printing, inkjet, etc.

But most of these technologies are not suitable for medical devices because they contain various compounds that may prove to be harmful.

On the other hand, laser marking machines can produce very precise and long-lasting marks on various equipment including metals, plastics and even silicon. Marked material.

These advantages make laser a very popular marking solution in the medical industry.

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