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Application and cost performance of hand-held inkjet printer in food industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-03

For cij printers in the food industry, we generally recommend handheld cij printers. What are the advantages of handheld inkjet printers in the food industry? The following is a brief introduction to you:

1. Will not damage the quality of food

For food, its quality is very important, and every link in the production cannot let the food contaminated. This is also the country's rigid regulations, and once the food quality is in question, the corporate image will be greatly damaged.

The hand-held inkjet printer will not cause damage to the packaging material or contact with the food during use, which can effectively preserve the quality and safety of the food.

2. High intelligence

The hand-held inkjet printer is designed to automatically identify the type of ink contained in the ink cartridge, and automatically determine the printing parameters suitable for this ink, so that it can be Reduce the operation steps of the staff. Not only can it save the entire Leadtech Coding process time, but also avoid some errors caused by manual operations.

3. It can improve the quality of management

The content of the Leadtech Coding usually includes information such as the production shift, date and barcode of the food. After the information is printed on the food packaging material, it cannot be wiped or modified. Therefore, once there is a problem with a batch of products, the person in charge of the enterprise can trace the responsibility according to the printing information, thereby effectively improving the management quality of the enterprise in terms of production

Cost performance is the combination of performance and price In comparison, first of all, the handheld inkjet printer has certain advantages in price. Next, let's take a look at its functions.

Hand-held inkjet printers can choose from a variety of inks, and the demand for handheld inkjet printers is ink cartridges. There are many types of inks in the ink cartridges, roughly including slow-drying and fast-drying types, which are suitable for different products. Slow-drying inks are mainly used in paper products or plastic products with good permeability; fast-drying inks Mainly used in metal products.

The operation of the handheld inkjet printer is more flexible, and it can be used for online inkjet printing in a few simple steps. The handheld cij printer has been modified with a bracket and installed with a photoelectric sensor. It can be placed on the conveyor belt for mobile printing, which improves the operation and Leadtech Coding power and makes it more functional.

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