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Application and Solution of Laser Inkjet Printer in Tobacco Industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-01

are widely used in the tobacco industry and tobacco sales channels. When inkjet printers were promoted in China, the tobacco industry has begun to use cij printers. For example, the inkjet printing invisible code of Zhonghua cigarettes, and the laser cij printers used by Hongta Group cigarettes. The cigarette monopoly channels in China also use ink jet printers and laser jet printers to print specialty store codes and anti-counterfeiting information on cigarette packs in the sales channels.

Anti-counterfeiting and price control are the keys to the tobacco industry's identification, and the price and other information are directly printed on the cigarette packaging box , can effectively avoid counterfeiting and illegal price manipulation. The SQ3720 laser cij printer effectively meets the needs of the tobacco industry.

Number of lines of identification: code/trademark/product information/shelf life/batch number/serial number/random code

Application range: rigid/soft cardboard box/cellophane/plastic/corrugated paper Outer box

Main advantages: Philippine contact printing ensures no damage to the surface of the carton; laser Leadtech Coding can be used when permanent marking is required; micro-word technology enables Leadtech Coding on a very small printing surface possible; high-adhesion inks specially developed for cellophane surfaces will not be wiped off.

The following is the answer of Tobacco Monopoly, the best explanation of the cigarette code marking:

Relevant leaders and department heads of the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of the market As a guest on the popular hotline, he gave detailed answers to the hotline questions on how to identify counterfeit cigarettes and investigate and deal with counterfeit cigarettes.

Telephone hotline: How can ordinary citizens distinguish the authenticity of tobacco when buying tobacco? What do the stripes on cigarettes mean?

Answer: Different cigarette factories and even different brands of cigarettes have different methods of identifying authenticity. There are usually three ways to identify fake cigarettes, one is from the shape of the outer package, the other is from the internal quality, and the third is from the physical and chemical indicators. The outer shape is mainly identified from the transparent paper, printing color and printing pattern, and whether the writing is uniform. Intrinsic quality is mainly identified from tobacco cut, aroma and taste. Physical and chemical indicators are mainly identified by professional institutions.

Consumers are advised to purchase cigarettes at major shopping malls, supermarket chains and other retailers with tobacco monopoly retail licenses. When buying, you should carefully check whether the number on the cigarette bar code is consistent with the retailer's tobacco monopoly retail license number.

Cigarette Leadtech Coding is the 'No. 1 Project' implemented by the State Tobacco Administration. There are two types of inkjet codes, one is Unicode and the other is derived code. Both Unicode and derived codes consist of two rows of numbers. Unicode is for special-shaped cigarettes, such as cigars. The code segment is formed: the first row is composed of 16-digit Arabic numerals '0'; the second row is also composed of 16-digit code segments, of which the first 4 digits are the English letters TEST, the last 12 The digits are composed of 0-9 Arabic numerals '0

The derivative code is for cigarettes other than special-shaped cigarettes. Code segment formation: the first row consists of 16 digits, the first 5 digits are the date of delivery, the last 11 digits are the derivative code, the last number of the derivative code is randomly generated according to the number of cigarettes ordered by each customer, and the second row is also 16 digits It consists of code segments, the first 4 digits are the English letters GYYC, and the last 12 digits are retail customer information.

Hotline: There are many roadside stalls, including schools, canteens, and restaurants, selling cigarettes. I don't know if they have the qualifications to sell cigarettes. How can I identify the qualifications for selling cigarettes?

Answer: The tobacco monopoly retail license reviewed and issued by the tobacco monopoly administrative department is the only legal and valid proof to prove whether the cigarette sales point is qualified. Judging from the licenses of roadside stalls in our city, including schools, canteens, and restaurants, the vast majority of operators are licensed to sell cigarettes. However, because laws and regulations have certain restrictions on the application conditions for tobacco monopoly retail licenses, individual operators secretly sell cigarettes before being granted administrative licenses. These unlicensed business operations are repetitive and concealed to a certain extent.

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