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Application fields of CO2 laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-24

The main application areas of carbon dioxide laser marking machine (laser) cutting and engraving:

(1) Advertising industry: gift engraving, cutting advertising fonts and logos, exhibits, display racks, signs , Plexiglass (acrylic) cutting, carving, sign making, crystal handicraft making, nameplates, trophies/medals, etc.;

(2) Bamboo and wood products industry: wood seals, wood box carving, wood Brand making, wooden gift carving, cutting, bamboo product carving, etc.;

(3) Leather goods and leather industry: leather shoes cut flowers, leather bags cut flowers, lettering, leather products carving, punching, etc.;

(4) Clothing industry: fabric cutting and cutting (hollowing), carving, etc.;

(5) Electronics industry: instrument operation panel, printed circuit board, switch film, DVD player panel, computer case accessories , conductive paper, foam pads, insulating pads, etc.;

(6) Plate making industry: rubber stamp plate making, silicone molds, high temperature resin molds, etc.;

(7) Other industries: Organic jewelry production, (architecture/nautical/aviation) model production, intellectual toy production (jigsaw/building blocks), etc.

Laser (laser) cutting and engraving Applicable materials: acrylic, painted metal, Anodized metal, crystal, cork, cork, cloth, glass, quartz, plastic, leather, marble, stone, cardboard, wood, rubber, stamps, etc.

With the rapid development of optoelectronic technology, the application scope of laser engraving technology has become more and more extensive, and the requirements of engraving precision have become higher and higher. There are three factors that reflect the development level of laser material processing: the first is laser technology, that is, laser device technology applied to laser material processing; the second is laser equipment processing machinery, control systems, etc., that is, laser processing equipment; third It is the level of laser processing technology. Because laser technology is already a very mature technology, whether the laser equipment can be effectively controlled and the level of laser processing technology become the bottleneck of the application of laser engraving technology.

At present, there are many domestic manufacturers specializing in the production of laser engraving equipment (which can be made into CO2 laser marking machines and fiber laser marking machines), and their competition has shifted from laser technology to effective laser equipment and processing technology. Control, can effectively solve the following problems: three-dimensional graphics multi-axis linkage, vibration caused by high-speed laser scanning and rapid advancement, scanning width and scanning accuracy, laser synchronous scanning and reciprocating scanning dislocation, complex algorithms and regular graphics interpolation problems, etc. , has become the key to competition.

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