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Application fields of coding equipment

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-06
Coding equipment is a kind of equipment that is controlled by software and uses non-contact methods to mark products. Classified from the consumables used by the cij printer: one type is ink inkjet printer; the other is non-ink inkjet printer (laser inkjet printer); from the working form: one type is online inkjet printer, mainly for running water The production line is used for supporting; a type of mobile inkjet printer, which is the object being sprayed does not move, and the inkjet code is mobile, similar to the handheld inkjet printer on the market. So, do you know the application field of coding equipment? Next, let's talk about the inkjet printer. 1) The small character first-point inkjet printer: It can be used in almost all industries, has a wide range of uses, and occupies 80% of the market. Unsuitable types: silicone rubber, Teflon, etc. 2) High-resolution inkjet printer: also known as high-definition inkjet printer, also known as DOD inkjet printer. It is suitable for a few industries such as plastic pipes and cartons. The high-resolution inkjet printer is mainly used for bar code printing. A good high-resolution printer can be equipped with a database and can be used for variable bar code printing. 3) Hand-held first-point inkjet printer: It is suitable for large products such as plates and cartons and products without a fixed production line. The main feature is that it is more convenient to hold it by hand for marking and printing. Disadvantages: the printing position is not fixed. The aesthetics is poor. 4) Laser point inkjet printer: It is suitable for almost all industries. For the wine industry, the hot filling line has a high temperature, and ink inkjet printers are not suitable. Laser cij printers can only be used for printing. However, when printing with a laser printing machine, the surface of the product will be damaged, so users should carefully consider when making a choice. The above is the main points of the inkjet printer for everyone in this issue. If you have anything else you want to know, you can go to the inkjet printer official website http:/// leave a message and tell the editor.
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