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Application maintenance and maintenance of inkjet printers in the fertilizer industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-27

In recent years, with the widespread application of inkjet technology in flexible packaging and other industries, people have more and more contact surfaces for inkjet printers, and the domestic demand for inkjet printers is showing a rapid growth trend. on flexible packaging Most of them are continuous inkjet printers. The domestic inkjet printers are rapidly expanding their market share due to their high cost performance. Directly promote the domestic inkjet technology, shorten the gap between the leading foreign inkjet technology, and make domestic inkjet printers. The machine is more competitive. The application of large-character inkjet printers in the fertilizer industry has accelerated the classification and circulation of products, making the management between the production line and the warehouse more reasonable and scientific, and laying a solid foundation for the traceability of quality control. The basics. However, due to the ink characteristics of large-character inkjet printers and the complex dust environment on site often become a relatively large part of the maintenance and repair works, and because it may cause quality accidents, the maintenance quality requirements are higher and the speed of the failure response is relatively high. quick. The following editor will give you a brief introduction to the working principle, maintenance and repair of the large-character cij printer.

1. Working principle: the inkjet printer is a non-contact type An industrial printing equipment that uses air pressure to eject ink onto the surface of an object in the form of a desired mark. According to the size of the printed character dots, it can be divided into large-character cij printers, small-character inkjet printers and high-definition cij printers. Among them, most large-character cij printers are in DOD (electronic valve type) mode. The character height is about 10 ~ 100mm; solenoid valve inkjet printer (large-character inkjet printer): the nozzle consists of 7 groups or 16 groups of high-precision intelligent micro-shaped Valve composition, when printing, the characters or graphics to be printed are processed by the computer motherboard, and a series of electrical signals are output to the intelligent micro solenoid valve through the output board. The valve opens and closes quickly, and the ink relies on the constant internal pressure to spray the ink dot The ink dots form characters or graphics on the surface of the moving printed matter.

2. Daily maintenance of the inkjet printer: The daily maintenance of the inkjet printer is divided into service life maintenance and maintenance. Use period maintenance: In the process of using the inkjet printer, there will be unclear printing or no printing, especially at the beginning of printing, the situation is more obvious. At this time, if daily maintenance is done well, the situation will be improved a lot. (1) When the cij printer just starts to print, clean the surface of the nozzle with a cleaning agent. Do not scratch the nozzle sheet with a hard object. You can use a brush to clean the nozzle and use the cleaning function to clean the nozzle. After ensuring that all 7 holes are open, Start printing. (2) During use, when there is dust covering the nozzle, clean the nozzle with a cleaning agent and use the cleaning function to clean the nozzle. (3) When the photoelectric switch is covered with dust, clean the photoelectric switch with dry cloth or alcohol. (4) After replacing the ink, check whether the ink supply system is leaking. Maintenance: The daily maintenance of the inkjet printer can increase the service life of the inkjet printer and reduce the failure rate. Regular maintenance mainly includes: (1) Clean up the dust on the surface of the printer once a month. (2) Clean up the dust on the internal circuit board of the inkjet printer once a month to prevent the electronic components from being burnt due to poor heat dissipation. (3) Clean the dust on the filter on the air pump once a month to prevent insufficient air pressure caused by insufficient air intake. (4) Clean the interior and pipeline of the nozzle with cleaning agent once a month (using the cleaning function). (5) If the nozzle is not used for more than three days, clean the inside of the nozzle with a cleaning agent, and take it back for storage. (6) Regularly check whether all cables and ink supply systems of the printer are damaged, and if so, replace them in time.

3. Fault judgment and analysis of the inkjet printer (1) The inkjet printer does not inkjet The yard does not work, and there is no sound from the spray jetty. In this case, we must first check whether the sensor is normal. Generally, we check the sensor by gently approaching the sensor with our hands. Whether the red light of the sensor is on or not. If the red light is on, then the sensor has no problem.

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