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Application of co2 laser marking machine in gear processing

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-02

Everyone knows that gears are general-purpose mechanical parts that are widely used in the transmission system of mechanical equipment. Traditionally, the carburizing process and high-frequency surface quenching process are mainly used. The low-carbon steel material is used to make the workpiece surface With wear resistance, this process has good comprehensive performance, but due to high cost, easy to cause environmental pollution, and inconvenient to handle large-modulus gears and large gear shafts, it is currently only used in specific industries such as automobiles and tractors. With the continuous improvement of the technology of marking machines, gears are widely used in mechanical equipment and effectively solve the above problems.

The gear laser marking machine applies advanced 3D dynamic marking technology. By setting the distance of different heights in the software, Mark surfaces that are not on the same plane. Its maximum marking speed of 7000mm/s is high-speed galvanometer scanning, which is suitable for industrialized mass production, and adopts fully enclosed optical path, imported CO2 RF laser, and strict multiple protection control design to ensure the overall stability of the equipment.

Product advantages:

1. Fully enclosed maintenance-free laser optical system, no adjustment required, ready-to-use, high-precision, high-speed marking/cutting performance, work efficiency 20% higher than similar models.

2. Original coherent RF laser imported from the United States, with high power, good spot quality, stable power, and a life span of more than 20,000 hours.

3. The professional constant temperature circulating industrial cooling water system makes the whole machine run more stably and has lower power consumption. The strict multiple protection control design is suitable for a wide range of ambient temperatures and ensures The laser marking system works continuously and reliably for 24 hours.

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