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Application of co2 laser marking machine laser inkjet printer on medicine box

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-04

Drugs are special commodities, which are approved for production after a large amount of investment in the early stage, scientific research and development, and clinical verification.

The rigid demand of society has led to the continuous expansion of China's drug market, but with it, the frequent occurrence of drug safety problems affects people's nerves.

The development of the Internet not only brings convenience to people's lives, but also becomes an important technical means for drug safety tracking. Laser marking information is clear and intuitive, with strong corrosion resistance, and it is not easy to modify and erase, which ensures the anti-counterfeiting of medicines and effectively solves the transportation problem caused by unclear marking. When laser technology is combined with Internet+, big data is used as an important technical support for improving drug safety, which further ensures the safety performance of drugs. The use of cij printers can improve product image and unified logo management, establish a more recognizable image, beautify the surface of goods, and help improve product sales in the market.

In addition, various industries currently advocate the concepts of environmental protection and green production. Laser inkjet printers do not need to clean the nozzles, and often replace more environmentally friendly consumables than ink, which greatly saves operation. Cost, although compared with traditional inkjet, the price of laser cij printer is higher, but at present, laser inkjet encoder has been gradually promoted and applied in medicine, food, cosmetics and other industries to further protect product information and protect consumer interests.

How to build the safety traceability of medicines, laser technology is the key. Laser Leadtech Coding has been widely used in the medical marking industry. Its non-contact, pollution-free marking meets the safety and health requirements of medical products. It uses laser Leadtech Coding technology to identify clear and intuitive information, strong corrosion resistance, and is not easy to erase. It ensures the counterfeiting of medicines and makes consumers use more security, which undoubtedly brings a heavy 'insurance' to the safety of medicines. With the help of drug identification information, we can inquire about the production, circulation and use of drugs through Internet technology, and make up for the shortage of the drug circulation industry in providing public products and services, such as the quality and safety of the circulation link, the supply in rural and remote areas, and the low cost of drugs. Supply of cost drugs and small varieties, reserve of emergency drugs for disaster prevention and improvement of drug service capacity, etc. With the application of laser marking technology, the application of laser marking technology is becoming more and more extensive, and the market space is also growing.

Boxes: Laser coding on boxes is an easy and clean way to identify text, barcodes or images without using consumables. Laser encoders can create fully permanent codes and can often identify multiple adjacent products while on the move.

Medicine bottles: Laser coders are an effective way to make permanent marks directly on the cap or cap surface. Laser marking technology uses a small mirror or vibrating mirror to direct a laser beam to directly cut or erode the ink surface on plastic bottle labels.

Labels: Laser encoders can be used to corrode the 'mark windows' on labels, providing clear Leadtech Coding while reducing operating costs while reducing consumables required.

Flexible Materials: Laser marking systems can be used to add marks to a variety of bubble covering materials. Properly specified and installed laser identification systems can easily print high-quality codes for multiple packaging lines.

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