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Application of fiber laser marking machine in hardware industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-01
The modern development of the hardware industry is becoming more and more technological. Therefore, there are many types of hardware. Manufacturers often cannot distinguish the type of hardware, which is annoying. Because the hardware is special, not all cij printers are suitable. For example, the surfaces of hardware doors and windows are relatively smooth. If you use the cij printer to print the codes, it will be erased at once. Therefore, cij printer manufacturers recommend using the TG-H20 fiber laser marking machine. The characteristics of this fiber laser marking machine are: 1. The structure of the whole machine is simplified, and the key accessories use domestic high-quality fiber lasers; 2. The optical system adopts a fully sealed structure. With red light preview function, the appearance is more beautiful and the operation is more convenient; 3. The photoelectric conversion efficiency is high, the beam quality is high, the lines are fine, and the spot is small; 4. The machine adopts air-cooled cooling and low energy consumption. The hardware industry can use this fiber laser marking machine with confidence. It marks the surface of the hardware, which is a permanent mark. It does not need to be erased, and it also makes the surface of the hardware more beautiful and shiny. Consumers are reluctant to see such products. A perfect appearance will not only enhance the popularity of the product, but also enhance the reputation of the manufacturer. To choose a machine suitable for its own products in the hardware industry is to choose the right reputation.
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