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Application of fiber laser marking machine in product anti-counterfeiting label

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-24

The application of fiber laser marking machine is very wide. Whether it is traditional industry or emerging industrial products, fiber laser marking machine will be used. The marking of fiber laser marking machine not only has permanent characteristics, but also can prevent products from counterfeiting. Now The most commonly used anti-counterfeiting technology is barcode and two-dimensional code to achieve product anti-counterfeiting. These barcode and two-dimensional code merchants are now using fiber laser marking machine for anti-counterfeiting code marking. The following is an introduction to laser marking machine. Application in anti-counterfeiting code.

Anti-counterfeiting code is simply a technology to prevent counterfeiting and counterfeiting. . The most common is to use barcodes and two-dimensional codes to achieve product anti-counterfeiting. These barcodes and two-dimensional codes are all printed by fiber laser marking machines. Nowadays, fiber laser marking machine, as a new type of marking technology, has very fine marking effect, and the lines can reach the order of millimeters to micrometers. It is very difficult to imitate and change the marks using laser marking. For those parts with small and complex shapes, the fiber laser marking machine can easily complete the marking work, not only the effect is beautiful, but also there is no direct contact with the object, no damage to the object, and it is very practical.

The anti-counterfeiting code and product LOGO printed by the laser marking machine are clear and readable, and the marking of the fiber laser marking machine It has longevity and will not become blurred with the increase of time, so that the mark itself has a certain anti-counterfeiting property, but there is also the possibility of counterfeiting. If you want to carry out a deeper level of anti-counterfeiting of products, it can be achieved by combining the fiber laser marking system and the database query system.

The laser marking equipment itself is controlled by computer, which can be easily connected with the database system. After the database function is integrated into the marking software, customers can The laser code is verified to distinguish the authenticity of the product. The anti-counterfeiting data of the fiber laser marking machine can be in the form of plaintext, barcode, two-dimensional code and so on. Since barcodes and two-dimensional codes have corresponding reading devices, the time for manual input can be reduced, so they are very suitable as carriers of anti-counterfeiting data.

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