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Application of fiber laser marking machine in stainless steel

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-25

Many products or components made of stainless steel require some form of marking. Whether the marking is a simple alphanumeric encoding of a manufacturing date or part number, or a more complex barcode or data barcode, fiber laser printers can print. Fiber laser printers can print single-line fonts, hollow fonts or solid fonts. In short, any font that can be printed on paper can be printed on metal. Some markings are quite complex, such as functional markings such as scales commonly found on tools or gauges. Fiber laser marking machines can also print more complex decorative patterns.

According to the characteristics of no light emission and stainless steel grades, stainless steel has a very significant response to laser light, and various visual effects can be obtained. Using a pulse with enough energy to locally melt the surface, the laser can create a series of craters on the surface. The locally melted crater metal chemically reacts with atmospheric oxygen to form tactile black marks. When the pulse energy increases, some materials evaporate, and the melt in the small pit is squeezed out by pressure, resulting in a splash effect, which significantly improves the visual quality and gives people a feeling of engraving.

If lower energy intensities are used, longer interaction times can have a completely different effect. A deep black surface marking known in the industry as annealing spot is formed without melting the metal. Rather, it is a high-contrast black oxide spot that has no effect on the roughness or texture of the material surface. This kind of marking is usually widely used in daily consumer goods, and may be used more in medical surgical instruments with stricter marking requirements, which can ensure that medical surgical instruments will not rust after repeated sterilization. This challenge is severe and requires careful control of pulse conditions and heat input rates. The flexibility of the fiber laser marker and the controllable pulses it produces make this surface marking possible.

The fiber laser marker can also print pure white marks on stainless steel. And by controlling the laser energy, very short, low-energy pulses are used to produce just enough melt to solidify before oxidation occurs that the grid can be printed, producing solid white marks. Because of its beautiful appearance, it is usually used in consumer goods such as cameras and mobile phones. This type of marking also has a significant effect on the physical properties of the material, such as the material's water resistance.

Another purpose of the fiber laser marking machine is to use very short low-energy pulses with a repetition rate of up to 1MHZ to polish the surface-drawn stainless steel, so that only the The microconvex portion of the brushed textured surface produces melting. The resulting remelting effectively polishes the material, making it reflective.

Therefore, combining a fiber laser marking machine with stainless steel can produce a lot of different effects.

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