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Application of imported laser marking machine TWS earphone moving iron speaker speaker laser soldering machine equipment

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-06

The moving iron horn unit, the full name of the miniature balanced armature drive device, is a new type of miniature electro-acoustic sounding device with high precision, new technology and high added value (the sounding principle is as above). It has the characteristics of millimeter-scale small size, high fidelity, low energy consumption, high output, anti-interference, etc. It is widely used in high-end headphones, hearing aids, smart wear and other fields. The core technology has been controlled by European and American companies for 60 years. At present, only four international manufacturers including Knowles in the United States, Sony in Denmark, Sony in Japan, and Isound in South Korea have large-scale production capacity. Among them, Knowles in Suzhou Industrial Park has the most advanced and comprehensive products.

With the obvious increasing trend of built-in sensors in headphones, moving coils will be replaced by smaller moving coil iron speakers. At present, moving iron speakers have been widely used as sound generators in wireless Bluetooth headsets such as TWS headsets.

Apple AirPods have promoted the explosive development of TWS headphones, gradually changing people's habits. People who used to wear headphones were uncomfortable and now wear them for longer and longer. Even if you don't usually listen to music, you are used to wearing headphones. Therefore, as an independent smart terminal product, the TWS headset will be more intelligent, such as detecting heart rate and blood pressure. So headphones will inevitably add more sensors and take up more space to adapt to this trend.

It is understood that the moving iron horn has excellent analytical ability and strong sound graininess. Although the unit size of the moving iron horn is small, it still has some shortcomings, such as it is difficult to compare with the moving coil horn at low frequencies, and the frequency response range is not enough. Currently, some TWS earphones use ring iron speakers in addition to mobile ring speakers. However, in the manufacturing process of the TWS Bluetooth headset driving the iron horn, the traditional resistance welding and laser welding machine between the moving iron horn and the FPC circuit board cannot guarantee the high-precision welding requirements.

Based on this, Li Automation provides a laser welding equipment for soldering between the moving iron horn and the FPC board. The CCD vision positioning system equipped with this equipment can accurately capture the position of solder joints, and the size of solder joints can be customized and adjusted. Equipped with high-precision solder paste mechanism, which can precisely control the amount of tin. Equipped with a temperature feedback semiconductor laser welding system, it can monitor the temperature of a small area with a diameter of 0.2-1.5 mm.

The working principle of laser welding of moving iron horn unit; Low power consumption, can weld a variety of non-metals. It is suitable for the processing and application of Bluetooth headsets, hearing aids and smart wearable devices, as well as high-precision welding of moving iron speakers and FPC, moving coil speakers and FPC/pcba circuit boards.

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