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Application of inkjet printer in beer industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-30

Summer is here, and the beer industry has ushered in the peak period of industry production and supply. Inkjet equipment is essential in the beer production process. When most consumers buy beer, they will look at the production date, batch number, specifications, etc. information. How to increase sales, increase consumer viscosity, enhance brand promotion, and increase market share has become the key to marketing for many beer manufacturers, suppliers, and agents. Many beer manufacturers have started QR code marketing. Can some common methods be realized? 1. Generate the QR code content corresponding to the official account. After scanning the code, you can follow the WeChat official account to learn more about the brand. New marketing activities, questionnaires, etc. can be directly pushed to consumers. 2. There is a reward for scanning the code. Consumers can scan the QR code on the bottle cap via WeChat on their mobile phone, and there is a probability that they will directly receive a cash red envelope.

For cij industrial inkjet printer manufacturers, it is necessary for inkjet printers not only to meet the high-speed flying coding requirements of the production line, but also to meet the requirements of intelligent communication and variable QR code printing to achieve One thing, one yard. At present, many beer manufacturers still use small-character cij printers, which mainly print production date and batch number. Some beer manufacturers also purchase laser printers. The total number of applications of laser printers in the beer industry is smaller than that of traditional cij printers. On the one hand, due to price reasons, the price of laser printers is usually two of the price of inkjet printers. On the one hand, because of the effect and speed, the laser printing machine is not very suitable for some high-speed production lines, and the marking effect is related to the material, the contrast is not obvious, and the material is relatively large, which limits its application Scope.

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