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Application of inkjet printer in cosmetics industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-15

Wechat merchants were once popular in WeChat Moments, anyway, my Moments were screened by it, especially those who sell cosmetics. It feels that all kinds of cosmetics that have never been heard before, like bamboo shoots after a rain, spring up on the ground overnight, walk into our lives, and come into our sight.

The cosmetics industry has always been known for huge profits. It is inevitable that there are illegal traders who take risks and produce fake and shoddy products. Due to the price advantage, some even


Better sales than the real product. They make the money, but it hurts the interests of regular manufacturers, especially our consumers. So, among the many dazzling cosmetics, how can ordinary consumers identify their authenticity? The answer is the identification code, and the tool is the inkjet printer. It is the most direct and effective anti-counterfeiting method to use the cij printer to print the anti-counterfeiting code on the packaging of cosmetic products. Although there is no guarantee that counterfeit and shoddy products will be completely blocked, it can at least improve the anti-counterfeiting of cosmetics to a large extent.

For example, the cosmetic products sold by micro-businesses before, there are not a few prototypes that will eventually appear under the national supervision mechanism. Fake and shoddy cosmetics are very likely to contain toxic chemical components and harmful substances. Not only can they not serve the purpose of beauty, but they will cause harm to our body and health. , Let alone three no products. Of course, we can't

to be able to kill all the micro-businesses in one shot, and it is not ruled out that part of the products on the respective micro-businesses can still be trusted. Therefore, the function of the inkjet printer can not be ignored in the production of cosmetic products. Excellent and conscientious cosmetics manufacturers should make great efforts to protect themselves and protect their brands. Anti-counterfeiting work

It should be paid attention to as a key link of its production.

By printing the anti-counterfeiting code on the outer packaging of cosmetics, it is convenient for consumers to distinguish the authenticity. Due to the uniqueness of the anti-counterfeiting code, consumers can scan the anti-counterfeiting code with their mobile phones when purchasing products, and then enter the corporate website for inquiries.

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