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Application of inkjet printer in daily chemical industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-08
The daily chemical industry has a wide variety of product packaging and different materials. The inkjet printers provided by our company have the characteristics of non-contact, fast, clean and durable, and cost-effective, whether it is plastic material, PVC, PE, glass, metal packaging, etc. , Inkjet coding technology can be competent, inkjet batch number, expiration date, Chinese characters and other information. Fully comply with the relevant provisions of the national cosmetics industry license. The main features of ink jet printer and laser jet printer: 1. Suitable for printing on most packaging materials (PVC, plastic film, glass, paper, metal, etc.). 2. It can print Chinese characters, English, digital logo, date on the label or other positions. 3. High-speed printing of up to 4 lines of information. 4. Automatic cleaning nozzle, easy to clean and maintain. 5. A variety of color ink options, clear and permanent. 6. Laser coding, the mark is clean and permanent, and there is no consumable cost. 7. Good marking ability, high-speed printing of various batch numbers, variable information such as expiration date, clear and easy identification, stable operation reliability, and lower cost. 8. Compared with traditional labeling and coding machines, inkjet coding machines have the characteristics of automation, high load rate, and extremely low consumables, which saves limited manpower and material resources for manufacturers. 9. Anti-counterfeiting function, using the cij printer to automatically print the serial number or use it in conjunction with the code anti-counterfeiting software to help companies avoid the circulation of counterfeit and shoddy goods and protect the legitimate interests of manufacturers. 10. Professional invisible ink can only be displayed under ultraviolet light, which increases the strength and effect of anti-counterfeiting. Beautiful appearance and clear coding can increase the added value of cosmetic products, help consumers identify genuine products, and indirectly promote the marketing of manufacturers. For more information about cij printer manufacturers, laser inkjet printers, and imported cij printers, please visit our official website:
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