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Application of inkjet printer in sponge industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-04
Small character cij printer manufacturer Inkjet Equipment Co., Ltd. reminds that sponge should not be unfamiliar to everyone. It can be seen at any time in our lives, and it can be an indispensable part of our lives. It can resist the cold and bring us warmth. Sponge is a porous elastic material, the main component is polyurethane, and polyurethane is soft foamed rubber. For polyurethane, it is a common polymer material, which is widely used to make various sponge products. However, due to special requirements of customers or manufacturers, some information such as production date, model, and manufacturer's code must be marked. The main thing is some production dates. For the variable information mainly based on the production date, the use of sponge cij printer logo is more advantageous. The small character inkjet printer can change the content at any time, and the speed is high and the efficiency is high. In addition, the large character cij printer is also You can spray code some unchanging content information. companies are mainly high-tech companies that develop and produce small-character cij printers, large-character cij printers, laser marking machine equipment and industrial control systems. After unremitting teamwork, they have become well-known brands in the industry. We should all Know the brand effect. If a company wants to gain a foothold in this highly competitive society, it will inevitably not lack the establishment of a brand, but for us to know that brand establishment is not so easy, it takes step by step and takes time to settle. For more information about inkjet printers, inkjet printer manufacturers, and imported inkjet printers, please visit our official website:
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