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Application of inkjet printer in tobacco industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-11
Everyone knows that various information such as the number, expiration date, batch number, logo, and product name need to be printed on the various packages of tobacco products. Therefore, the tobacco industry has a very large demand for cij printers. So how to choose the most suitable cij printer? Let's take a look at the advantages of our company's inkjet printers? 1. Practical experience. Our company's current inkjet coding technology is in cooperation with a number of tobacco factories and tobacco monopoly bureaus, and has considerable practical experience, including high-speed and clear printing of various graphics and text on packaging of various materials. , Letters, numbers and other information, the smallest printing area of u200bu200b0.8 mm, long-term technical experience allows us to better understand the requirements in this area, so that our inkjet printers are more suitable for this industry. 2. The technical strength of inkjet printers and laser printers are non-contact coding technology, whether it is on small cigarette packs or cigarettes, cartons, whether on plastic film outer packaging It can be packed in metal tins or cartons, whether it is single-pack or full-carton packaging, which can meet the high-speed and different material labeling requirements of the tobacco industry to ensure that the information printed on it will not be erased or damaged. 3. The anti-counterfeiting mark inkjet printer has the function of printing random codes or anti-counterfeiting codes, so that each cigarette or each small cigarette packet can have a separate code for direct identification, fast and easy; it can also change the price, promotion Such information is printed on the cigarette packaging box, which can effectively control the sales price of tobacco, prevent market fluctuations, help consumers quickly identify genuine products, and protect the legitimate interests of manufacturers. Professional invisible ink can only be displayed under ultraviolet light, and it can be used in combination with tobacco packaging to increase the strength of anti-counterfeiting. 4. Convenient management of product packaging and carton packaging, print numbers, bar codes, and destination information, and connect to the database system to achieve flow tracking and cross-region sales query tracking through the tobacco retailer; warehouse or distribution at tobacco monopoly points In the center, the cij printer can automatically print time, monopoly area and other information, and at the same time can connect to the internal database and management system of the enterprise to improve the automated warehouse management when leaving or entering the warehouse.
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