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Application of inkjet printers in the dairy industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-11
Nowadays, coding technology is widely used in the dairy industry, and it is one of the most reliable marks for product packaging. The coding technology can print production date, expiration date, shelf life, batch number, logo, etc. on the packaging of liquid and solid products of different specifications. Multi-variable information such as product name and bar code is also suitable for most commonly used materials, such as carton packs, PET plastic bottles, glass bottles, composite films, tinplates, etc. In addition to the marking content and different materials, the production environment is also very important to the printer, such as humidity, low temperature, shock absorption of the assembly line, hygiene of the coding, cleaning requirements, whether it can be cleaned together with other production equipment, The series of cij printers provided by our company can meet these industry standards. The stainless steel body structure up to IP66 protection level meets the high-speed and clean requirements of the packaging line, and can withstand huge daily production (up to 10,000 pieces or more per hour). The nozzle part of the cij printer is controlled by a thermostatic module. The temperature of the ink ejected from the nozzle can quickly reach the best printing temperature in a low temperature environment to ensure the printing quality. It is very suitable for the 0-10 degree refrigerated environment in the dairy industry. . The special environmentally friendly ink has a small smell, does not pollute the production environment, and meets sanitary standards. Ink jet printers and laser jet printers meet the requirements of dairy industry standards and special applications: 1. Can directly print Chinese characters, English, digital logos, graphics, and bar codes on food; 2. Suitable for various materials (plastic Printing on the packaging of film, paper, metal, glass, textile bag, plastic, etc.); 3. High-speed printing, up to 4 lines of information, suitable for high-speed packaging lines in the food industry; 4. Full Chinese display menus, 3,000 Chinese character library, pinyin input, easy to operate; 5. Chinese, English and other multiple language options, real-time fault display, safe and effective; 6. Laser coding, marking is clean and permanent, without any consumable costs. For users, a clear and accurate logo is a standard way to recognize a brand, and it is also a symbol of confidence in long-term safe use. For manufacturers, using inkjet codes can improve the brand’s market image and unified logo management, and establish a good Identify the beautification of the image and product appearance.
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