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Application of laser inkjet printer in pipe industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-08

In the pipe industry, more and more customers begin to choose laser inkjet printers. Laser machines have unique advantages in marking!

The pipe industry coding effect map display, Qianli provides cost-effective coding and marking equipment for PPRPVCPE and other pipe production and processing enterprises, including small character inkjet printers, high-resolution inkjet printers , laser inkjet printers, handheld inkjet printers and other types of equipment. Welcome to call us for more technical support.

Faced with nearly uninterrupted running time, dusty environment and extreme temperatures, KINGLEE inkjet printers have a higher IP protection level to deal with it. Not only can you achieve consistent code quality over the useful life of your printer, but you can also minimize maintenance with a reliable solution from Potential Profits.

Qianli pipe coders and services increase uptime and maximize pipe marking stability on extruders.

Qianli Q500 series small character inkjet printers have a higher level of IP protection, and are equipped with automatic cleaning function as standard. , The optimized ink path system can achieve stable work and coding for a longer time. Hand-held inkjet printers have also made great progress in recent years. More pipe factory customers can purchase cheaper handheld inkjet printers to achieve online can form a more flexible logo on the pipe, which is convenient for sales.

Kinglee's Q series products also include hand-held pipe cij printers. After years of development and optimization, they have become smarter and simpler, with longer battery life and low cost of use. , maintenance is simple, the price of ink cartridges is also more affordable, it is a good choice for the pipe industry. In terms of ink, Qianli offers a wider variety of choices.

In view of the particularity of the pipe industry, we will encounter a variety of materials in actual production and life, such as PPRPVCPE, and even aluminum-plastic pipes, with very different colors. Large, then we need to have more ink types to develop solutions.

Including our common inks of different colors such as black, white, blue, yellow, etc., including two types of pigment ink cartridges, which can be recommended for different customer needs choose.

High-contrast pigment inks and UV-curable inks provide high-contrast markings on dark surfaces with extremely high adhesion to avoid ink transfer.

In addition to inkjet printers, Qianli also has F and K series laser cij printers to choose from.

When the laser inkjet printer appeared in the marking equipment sequence, many pipe and pipe manufacturers in the early stage maintained a wait-and-see attitude, with regard to stability, reliability and customer satisfaction. There is not much certainty about acceptance, and over time, the concerns begin to disappear.

More environmentally friendly and cleaner, it can form a clear, beautiful and permanent logo on the surface of the pipe, which can increase the grade of the pipe, enhance the brand image, and enhance the overall competitiveness.

It can print variable data for anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling management. Common types include barcodes, QR codes, etc. Qianli laser machine supports data transmission function, which can be connected to online The industrial computer or computer matches the communication protocol to realize real-time dynamic coding.

In terms of smoke treatment system, Qianli can provide a professional smoke extraction system to solve the corrosive smoke generated during laser Leadtech Coding on PVC pipes to maintain cleanliness marking environment. Qianli has 16+ after-sales service outlets nationwide, which can provide customers with more efficient on-site cij printer maintenance, repair, installation, testing and other services.

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