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Application of laser marking machine in auto parts

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-04

Hyundai cars contain thousands of parts.

Many need to carry a specific part number, so it is very important to use a laser marking machine for accurate and efficient coding and marking.

Auto parts suppliers as well as car manufacturers rely on the correct coding of the entire car assembly process and subsequent parts traceability.

Create the traceability of auto parts

The automotive industry needs to print information on parts at all stages of production, so coding and marking equipment must meet Many needs of car manufacturers.

The laser marking machine is very suitable for creating traceability and tamper-proof identification of motor components or complete vehicles.

There are hundreds of parts in every car, and almost all materials can be marked by laser, usually there is a solution to every problem.

Some mature auto parts marking applications are:

1, gearbox parts marking

2, VIN nameplate and identification label

3. Etching of vehicle glass security code

4. Display markings of meters and switches

5. Two-dimensional matrix markings of automobile moving parts

Day/night marking

Almost all modern vehicles can see the application of day and night marking.

The instrument panel with day/night markings is easy to read during the day, while at night, all instruments and controls are illuminated to provide a visible, well-lit panel that can produce little or no glare -Enough to illuminate the dashboard is not to illuminate the interior of the car.

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