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Application of laser marking machine in game field

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-26

Microsoft recently launched a custom wireless phone service called the Xbox Design Lab. Players can customize the controller's body, back shell, D-pad, joystick and other components. Now, the service's web page has been officially launched.

At the same time, players can also engrave their own player code or custom 16 characters on the surface of the handle by laser marking. However, this customized service does not support Chinese temporarily.

It is rare to encounter handles that can be freely assembled and have wordmarks. Sadly, it is not possible to mark Chinese

The non-contact laser marking process is used to mark gamepads without damaging the texture of the handle itself, while Makes markings clearly visible and won't fade with multiple touches.

In the gaming industry (controller manufacturer Microsoft), the laser marking technology used on gamepads goes way beyond user-defined. On many of the earlier limited editions, there were laser markings.

After drawing on the computer, the laser marking machine can draw different impressions and patterns on the front and back of the gamepad according to the preset graphics. As a product that coexists with the game from beginning to end, the gamepad breaks through the limitations of the touch screen. Laser marking game controllers not only bring beautiful game peripherals, but also a customized product experience and added value that can meet the diverse needs of players.

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