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Application of laser marking machine in mobile phone charger industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-19

Chargers are an indispensable main accessory for smartphones. In 2020 alone, the domestic mobile phone shipments will reach more than 300 million, and the market cannot be underestimated. Every mobile phone manufacturer needs to print its own brand logo on the charger. In order to improve their brand image, manufacturers generally use a laser marking machine to print the logo.

Laser marking is a clean and pollution-free high-environmental processing technology. It has non-touch carving, no deformation of the workpiece, high carving accuracy, high definition, and good permanence. , the effect of wear resistance. So, how is the trademark on the appearance of the charger printed?

The traditional method used to be to use silk screen printing to print on the surface. The silk screen printing ink has a strong contrast, the screen printing dots are not delicate enough, it is difficult to follow the color, the printing effect is not ideal, and the silk screen printing effect is not satisfactory. The ink components used are heavy metal chemical elements, and now all businesses specify the need to use new low-carbon and environmentally friendly processes. Most of the power adapters of mobile phone manufacturers are compactly designed and can be easily charged with high efficiency. The data is more environmentally friendly, the durable gloss lasts for a long time, the hand feel is very comfortable, the workmanship is fine, the high quality is strong, the transmission speed is fast, and the data stability is strong. 100V to 240 power source, can be used in a variety of power source environments.

With the development of the times and the needs of market applications, the past silk screen printing process has been gradually replaced by laser marking machines. Laser marking is a clean and pollution-free high Environmental protection processing technology has many advantages. Many domestic mobile phone brand adapters have strict requirements in all aspects, such as power adapter, mobile power supply, earphone trademark LOGO are all marked with laser marking machine. , for best results!

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