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Application of laser marking machine in mobile phone industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-20

Basically, every accessory of an iPhone product has a laser-marked graphic. For example, there are QR codes engraved with unique content on the iPhone 5 mobile phone case, IC and metal conductive parts to prevent counterfeit products. Look again at the manufacturer's black font and serial number area on the back of the iPhone. At first glance, it appears to be printed with ink. But in fact, it is neither ink coded nor screen printed. Yes, this is also laser machined. The shell of the iPhone is made of aluminum oxide, commonly known as aluminum oxide black.

There are shadows of laser marking everywhere on mobile phones, such as: logo marks, mobile phone casings, mobile phone batteries, mobile phone jewelry logos, etc. Even in the mobile phone, you can't see it, and there are laser-marked parts. .

The traditional method is to use screen printing on the surface. The silk screen printing ink has a heavy taste, is not delicate enough, it is difficult to follow the color, and the printing effect is not very ideal. Screen printing ink is a heavy metal chemical element. Nowadays, all businesses have clearly adopted low-carbon and environmentally friendly new technologies. The permanent marking method of laser marking on mobile phones can not only improve the anti-counterfeiting ability, but also increase the added value, making the products look higher-grade and more branded. feel.

With the development of the times and the needs of market applications, the past screen printing process has been gradually replaced by laser marking machines. As a modern precision machining method, laser marking is compatible with traditional machining methods such as printing, mechanical scribing, and EDM. Compared with this method, it has incomparable advantages. The laser marking machine has the performances of maintenance-free, high flexibility and high reliability, and is especially suitable for areas with high requirements on fineness, depth and flatness. Not only Apple mobile phones, but many domestic brand mobile phones have strict requirements on logos. In order to achieve better results!

The personal electronic products represented by mobile phones have changed and facilitated people's lives. Functionalization, intelligence and intelligence are the development directions of mobile phones. With the technological progress of the microelectronics industry and people's pursuit of personalization of mobile phones, fine laser marking processing technology will play an increasingly important role in the mobile phone manufacturing industry. At the same time, lasers are also driving the development of other microelectronics manufacturing-related industries.

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