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Application of laser marking machine in sanitary ware industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-04

Do you know the application of laser marking machine in sanitary ware industry? Laser marking machine manufacturers are here to introduce you.

The sanitary ware literally means sanitation and bathing. It is a space for residents to defecate, bathe, wash and other daily public health activities.

Sanitary ware is closely related to our daily life and is an important symbol of the evolution of human civilization and healthy lifestyle.

Market demand With the improvement of people's living standards, everyone has higher requirements for sanitary products, not only requiring diversified styles, but also good processing quality.

Because sanitary products often need to use LOGO marking and pattern drawing, and the fineness of the text pattern marking directly affects the appearance and quality of the product, it is especially important to choose a processing equipment that can perfectly mark sanitary products important.

Using laser to mark sanitary products can just solve the marking quality problem that people are worried about! Application of laser marking on sanitary products Sanitary products mainly include ceramics, plastics, metals and other materials, while laser marking can meet the high-quality marking requirements of these materials at the same time, including bathroom cabinets, faucet showers, toilets, sanitary equipment, Bathroom accessories such as basins, flushing valves, bathtubs, etc. can be marked by laser.

Especially in combating counterfeit brands and safeguarding the interests of enterprises and consumers, laser marking can provide strong support for the establishment of an effective product traceability system for sanitary products.

The processing advantages of laser marking in the sanitary ware industry ★Permanence is good. Laser marking uses high-energy-density lasers to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize the sanitary materials or produce chemical reactions of color changes, thereby leaving a permanent Sex mark.

★Strong flexibility, using software for drawing, you can quickly draw and generate a variety of text and graphics, the pattern is clear and beautiful.

★Safety and environmental protection, no toxic gas is generated during laser marking, which can reduce the harm to human body.

★The operation is simple, and the machine can be used after simple training, which reduces the requirements for operators.

★A wide range of applicable materials, such as the use of ultraviolet laser marking machine, can be used for fine marking of plastic, leather, metal, glass, ceramics, IC grains, sapphire and other materials.

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