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Application of laser marking machine in the ranks of glasses

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-14

What is the reason for the use of laser marking machines in the ranks of glasses? The glasses laser marking machine that everyone is talking about today refers to the laser cutting equipment marked on the frame. According to this type of laser marking, as soon as possible, experts and customers can identify the construction materials and related information.

Nowadays, many eyewear manufacturers use laser marking machines to mark information on frames. The laser cutting plotter focuses on the frame according to the laser focus of the efficient energy, so that the surface raw materials are physically vaporized in a very short time, and then the delicate pattern design and text are marked on the surface, and the laser marking is resistant. , can not be removed, can have a reasonable anti-counterfeiting label effect.

The laser marking machine has high cost-effective light output, high photoelectric conversion rate, easy operation, high cost-effective electronic optics, high precision, and can manually engrave metal composite materials and some non-metallic materials material. It is mainly used in industries with high smoothness and granularity requirements, used for graphic text QR Leadtech Coding, etc. It can generate more detailed graphics and text production processing for the architecture, highlight the fashionable atmosphere of the atmosphere, and can also transmit a lot of information about the glasses according to the QR code mark.

At this stage, many eyewear manufacturers use laser marking machines to mark information on the structure. The actual selection of laser marking machines needs to be carried out according to the customer's commodity raw materials. , Because each laser cutting plotter has its own characteristics and applicability.

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