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Application of laser marking machine to mark on glasses

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-04

Application of laser marking machine for marking on glasses

Glasses are not only a tool for eye protection, but also a cosmetic decoration. It can be divided into myopia, reading glasses, sunglasses, etc. to correct vision or protect eyes. There are also special glasses for viewing 3D stereoscopic images or virtual real images. With the rapid development of China's economic construction, the glasses industry has also been vigorously developed. In terms of industry, major production areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, etc. have a certain scale of production base for glasses.

With the development of the optical industry, major eyewear brands have also been released. In order to prevent their own goods from flowing and counterfeiting, each eyewear will have a corresponding trademark LOGO, that is, to prevent counterfeit products, but also Promote your own brand. There are many equipment that can mark trademarks on glasses, such as engraving knives, pneumatic marking machines, silk screens, etc. However, a good marking method should be a laser marking machine.

Glasses marking is generally to mark the corresponding words or patterns of the merchant on a very narrow spectacle frame, so the marking equipment requires soft and high, laser marking is fine processing, so it is very suitable for glasses marking Mark. The effect of laser marking is difficult to forge and can be retained. The laser marking machine software can freely set the marking pattern text, allowing businesses to choose a lot. The laser marking machine is green and pollution-free. It is a good choice for processing equipment. Laser marking The machine also belongs to non-consumable processing, and the processing cost is low, which not only improves the grade of the product, but also greatly reduces the processing cost. Therefore, the laser marking machine is a suitable choice for marking in the glasses industry.

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