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Application of Laser Marking Technology in Mobile Phone Camera Components

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-03

The camera assembly is the core component of all types of cameras.

With the popularity of smart phones, the shipment of mobile camera components is also growing rapidly.

As people’s requirements for the functions of mobile phone cameras are getting higher and higher, the functions of the camera components have also been put forward higher requirements. The importance of control and brand protection is also growing.

Camera component manufacturers hope to ensure production quality while ensuring a large number of stable shipments.

At the same time, it can monitor production batches, production suppliers, production quality control, and then form an improvement in the company's brand image.

Solving this problem requires a new type of technology-laser marking machine application.

In the early stages of production, the laser marking machine uses a clear and readable QR code to mark each camera component and pass it to the next process, where it is identified and communicated with by the smart camera. The internal system is related, which can effectively realize the inquiry of the production supplier.

Control and control the problems that arise in the production process.

More importantly, this information can be retained after delivery, so that customers can understand important issues such as product details, production batches, and production dates. It also includes the company’s product information, product protection, and brand promotion. effect.

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