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Application of laser printer in liquor industry!

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-18

The liquor industry is one of the primary markets for the sale of coding and marking equipment. In the wine industry, establishing product characterization and displaying the common characteristics of the product through packaging is the key to winning consumers. However, in order to pursue short-term economic benefits, some liquor companies have resorted to tactics, using shoddy products or using unfair competition methods to damage the order of the shopping malls, so that many bad liquors fill the shopping malls. Companies only need to guide consumers through some effective methods to stabilize the sustainable development of the brand and win the brand loyalty of consumers.

The quality of liquor is reflected in the external logo and the internal logo. Because of the similarities in use, these two devices are also used on different packaging labels. Small-character cij printers are widely used for external logos. Its advantage is that the printer can print clear and stable product specifications and installation or storage time. It can quickly identify products, and the non-wearability of the logo can ensure delivery and transfer. Persistence of storage. Laser coding machines are mainly used for external identification of products, and anti-counterfeiting laser coding marks have always been used on glass bottles. Because of the laser marking on the glass bottle, the bottle is more advanced and beautiful. It is considered by the profession to be the most perfect combination of souls and spirits. Laser code marking has been widely used in the wine industry because of its common unalterable anti-counterfeiting properties. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Laser coding has something in common in the professional use of liquor:

  1. The laser coding machine has no consumables, which can save costs

2. The content of the coding logo is roughly the same. No need to adjust when starting up, easy to use.  

3. Special coding markings: prevent channeling and counterfeiting products, which is convenient for regional sales.

   4. Strong anti-counterfeiting: the logo cannot be altered, and the technology is high.

From the current market situation, the price of laser printers is generally higher than that of ink printers, but laser printers rely on their common coding function and stable machine performance. In the future, the price of laser cij printers will gradually decrease, and laser cij printers will become the dominant player in shopping malls.

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