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Application of metal laser marking machine in automobile manufacturing industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-10

In order to ensure driving safety, in the manufacture of automobiles, many parts of the automobile need to be welded to ensure the firmness of the car body. Therefore, the selection of welding equipment in automobile manufacturing is very important, and compared with Traditional welding equipment, metal laser welding machine has many processing advantages, so it has obtained a large number of automotive parts welding applications.

The domestic automobile manufacturing industry has always maintained a high development speed, so in the process of automobile manufacturing, more attention should be paid to ensure the personal safety of consumers, and The metal laser welding machine guarantees high quality, high quantity, and outstanding advantages. The specific performance is as follows:

1. Reduce the welding process of automobiles

After the auto parts are welded by the metal laser welding machine, the loss of parts and molds can be reduced, the number of spot welding can be reduced, the material consumption can be optimized, the weight of the parts can be reduced, and the cost of the auto parts can also be improved. Dimensional accuracy;

2. Improve the overall manufacturing quality of automobiles

Auto parts are welded by metal laser welding machine After the welding, the strength of the welded steel plate will increase by more than 30%, so that the width of the joint surface between the workpiece connections can be reduced. The quality has been further improved;

3. Flexible processing is adopted

The metal laser welding machine has a flexible welding The technology does not require heat treatment, and the welding parts of the auto parts are free of deformation, and the welding speed is faster, realizing the advantages of small deformation, high welding seam strength and fast speed.

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