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Application of small character inkjet printer in steel pipe industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-29

The steel pipe is made of steel castings or solid pipe blanks through broken holes and suitable capillary tubes, followed by hot rolling, cold rolling or cold drawing. With the publication of the national standards for steel pipes, the logo of the steel pipe industry has gradually been included in the scope of national supervision. According to the relevant requirements of our country, in addition to ensuring that the quality of the steel pipes meets the requirements of our country, the company must also attach a label that meets the requirements of our country before the original steel pipe factory. The relative logo should at least contain the following points: manufacturer name or trademark logo, product Standard number, steel model, product model and retrospective identification number. And the machinery and equipment for steel pipe marking must be carried out by the cij industrial inkjet printer with a high level of automation technology and easy practical operation.

According to the uniqueness of the steel pipe industry and the difficulty of transporting goods, industrial inkjet printer manufacturers generally recommend that steel pipe companies use small-character printers with improved flexibility. The small character cij industrial inkjet printer has the following characteristics in the steel pipe industry: The volume is exquisite, the nozzle is sticky, and it is easy to move. The aspect ratio of the printing identifier is flexible and can be adjusted freely between 11mm-60mm, and the adjustment is simple and convenient. It is more suitable for different specifications and models of steel pipe printing marks. Ink-on-demand cij printers are technical and suitable for office environments. For the complicated steel pipe company, the equipment itself has a fully automatic cleaning function, which is convenient and quick for inspection, maintenance, and replacement of ink bags, and the equipment failure rate is low. The application field is universal, and the irregular surfaces such as arc shape, plan view, wall thickness, etc. can be easily marked.

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