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Application of small character inkjet printer in tobacco industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-29

The tobacco industry is an important livelihood industry and an important source of profits and taxes for the country. Therefore, the tobacco industry has strict application standards for the use of small character cij printers. It is necessary to meet the high-speed and clean requirements of the packaging line, and to meet the huge daily output (up to 10,000 pieces per hour)

1. Market, production and logistics management

Print numbers, barcodes and destinations to product packaging and carton packaging, and connect to the database system to achieve flow tracking and dealer query tracking.

2. Anti-counterfeiting function

The random code or anti-counterfeiting code function of the small character cij printer, so that each cigarette or each small cigarette can have a separate The code, direct identification, fast and convenient, can also print price, promotion and other information on the cigarette box, which can effectively control the sales price of tobacco to prevent market fluctuations.

3. Product identification

The tobacco industry has a very large circulation range. Although the brand or trademark can be identified from the appearance of the product, the product specifications are clear and stable through printing With the factory name and label, consumers can quickly identify genuine products, reduce the invasion of counterfeit and inferior products, and reduce the cost of anti-counterfeiting. In addition, the logo is not easy to wear and can also ensure visual recognition during transportation and storage.

4. Marking function

The high-quality small character cij printer can print various graphics, text, letters, numbers and other information on a variety of packaging materials at a high speed and clearly .

In the high-speed production of the tobacco factory, the quick-drying ink is very effective, ensuring that the identification of each printed product is clear, complete and easy to distinguish, does not affect the entire production process, and effectively reduces the time of failure; In the warehouse or distribution center of the monopoly point, the small character inkjet printer can also print time, monopoly area and other information, and connect to the internal database and management system of the enterprise to improve the automated logistics management when leaving and entering the warehouse.

5. Anti-counterfeiting and cross-regional sales

Print special marks (graphics, fonts, codes) on the product or outer packaging, or use invisible ink The special function of this raises the cost of counterfeiters to prevent the circulation of counterfeit, inferior and counterfeit products. Therefore, in the tobacco industry, coding technology has increasingly become one of the effective anti-counterfeiting methods. In addition, customer management can be carried out by printing different numbers, graphics, and text to prevent cross-regional sales and cross-country sales.

6. Laws and regulations

Usually industry and laws and regulations require manufacturers to indicate the origin, specifications, manufacturer and other product information on the product or the outer box, and use inkjet coding Machine technology can meet these regulations and ensure that customers' business activities in market sales, product export, etc. meet these standards.

7. Demand for logistics

Printing barcodes on product packaging can speed up the classification and circulation of products, and make the management between production and warehouse more reasonable and scientific. It can also strengthen the monitoring of raw material consumption and the effective management of inventory.

8. Product added value

For users, a clear and accurate logo is a standard way to recognize the brand, and it is also a sign of confidence in long-term safe use. It is said that the use of small character cij printers can improve the brand's market image and unified logo management, play a role in establishing a good identification image and beautifying the appearance of the product.

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