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Application of thermal transfer coding machine in daily chemical industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-28

The thermal transfer industrial inkjet printer can be applied to common products in the daily chemical industry such as cosmetics, skin care products, hair dyes, laundry detergent, household goods, etc. The cooperation with Huanya Technology is a representative application case of furniture in the daily chemical industry .

Developed a targeted solution for Uniasia Technology, which not only has a lower total cost per print and total cost of ownership, but also has complete identification. Whether the material you print is flexible packaging, rigid plastic, paper box, PVC, PE, metal and glass, the solution can meet your needs. We have a wide variety of inks, which can meet the needs of waterproof, alcohol-resistant, anti-friction, anti-migration, PE high adhesion, discoloration, etc. The results of the cooperation have made Huanya Technology very satisfied.

The thermal transfer cij industrial inkjet printer is an ideal choice for printing on plastic film before filling. The eye-catching barcode and trademark can provide customers with clear information. A good choice for printing color numbers, trademarks, names or barcodes on plastic sleeves.

Our company is mainly engaged in small character cij printers, thermal transfer printers and inkjet related consumables products, which are widely used in food, beverages, medicine, daily chemicals, cables, electronic appliances, building materials, Variable information identification fields such as auto parts. Welcome customer partners to visit the company to guide business.

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