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Application of two-dimensional code of laser inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-18

The two-dimensional code laser marking on beverage bottles and caps has begun to be widely promoted, and the two-dimensional code traceability that has attracted a lot of attention in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other industries is also Various other industries began to spread. So, how much do you know about QR codes? With the development of the food industry, food safety problems continue to occur frequently. The production date and shelf life on the food packaging have been erased and tampered with; 'cottage' products imitating well-known brands are rampant; the internal production process of the enterprise is not standardized, and the products cannot be traced. The existence of food enterprises has seriously affected the brand image and production efficiency of food enterprises. In response to the above problems, many food manufacturers have used more efficient and convenient laser Leadtech Coding technology to replace the traditional ink jet coding process. The following senior engineers of laser will take you to popularize some common knowledge of QR codes!

There are two kinds of QR codes: one is the common QR code, and the other is the DATA MATRIX code.

♦ The characteristic of QR code is that it can contain Chinese characters, and the content that can be stored is also very rich. At the same time, according to its code system characteristics, the scanning speed is faster. , bottle cap, bottle bottom have more use. ♦ The DATA CODE code is characterized by a smaller size, and the size of the QR code will not increase with the increase of the content. Regardless of the form, the content of the two-dimensional code generally includes: 1. A serial number is generated internally by the enterprise, which includes information such as manufacturer, factory address, specification, batch, production date, time, and shift. At the same time, through specific coding rules, it can play the role of anti-counterfeiting. 2. Website information, consumers can jump to the corresponding website by scanning the code, check the authenticity or conduct lottery and other activities, and manufacturers can conduct certain targeted data analysis through the customer's scanning code. The two-dimensional code on the package can facilitate the enterprise to control the circulation. The two-dimensional code generated through the host database is unique, which is what we often call 'one code for one itemIn supermarkets, in the hands of customers, and in roadside shops, it can be easily scanned with a mobile phone to query the information contained in the interior, which is conducive to the implementation of the manufacturer's requirements for product anti-smuggling, and the effect of cooperation with the supporting product traceability management system. better. Why are laser printers generally used for QR code marking? 1. Clearer coding effect, the production date is not tampered with. Compared with ink jet printers (ink jet printers), laser ink jet printers have great advantages, higher resolution, and more regular strokes. Compared with dot matrix fonts, people can see at first glance. It feels better to go up, and the grade has been improved to a certain extent. At the same time, after reacting with the plastic material of the bottle itself, the laser coding will have better color contrast, and the date, expiration date, batch number and other contents can be clearly seen at a glance. The production date is firmly 'branded' on the bottle, so that the production date and the bottle are not separated, and it is not easy to fall off or be smeared or tampered with.

Second, better adhesion: also compared with traditional ink jet printers, inks often have adhesion defects, which cannot form a better adhesion on the product surface, it is easy to Wiping off is also a concern of many beverage and condiment manufacturers. The laser printer is different. It can penetrate some oil and water to form laser-marked characters directly on the plastic surface of the product bottle cap. Unless the cap is destroyed or replaced, the characters on the cap will always exist. Use the laser laser coding machine to perform efficient QR code assignment on food packaging, and consumers can easily check the authenticity of the product through the QR code. Assist laser coders in product coding. Based on 'one code for one itemEarly warning management, flow direction inquiry, anti-channeling management, drug anti-counterfeiting inquiry and other services, establish an effective food traceability system, and visualize all aspects of food production and circulation.

Third, lower cost of use: whether the ink jet printer is printing character dates or two-dimensional codes, ink and solvents need to be used, and certain maintenance is required during the use process. The cleaning agent, on the one hand, is the influence of the environment. The ink solvent is a liquid that is flammable, explosive, and has a pungent odor, which has certain harm to the human body. On the other hand, there is the cost of use. The laser printing machine does not require any consumables, 'zero maintenance4. Lower failure rate: The ink jet printer not only needs to be maintained and maintained, but also faces the risk of downtime or failure during use. Common situations include: ink line deviation, nozzle blockage, ink leakage, etc. Unlike the laser printing machine, the structure is relatively simple, and there is basically no need for special maintenance personnel.

In the food industry, the application range of laser coders is getting wider and wider. Laser Technology Co., Ltd. has 16 years of experience in the development and application of laser equipment. The series of laser coding equipment has long service life, high efficiency and easy operation, and has been successfully used in major food production enterprises. To solve the problems of food anti-counterfeiting and anti-collision, a laser coding machine is enough.

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