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Application of UV laser marking machine in home appliance industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-25

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is a clean energy, no consumables, safe and reliable, easy to automate the production of the assembly line. Non-contact processing, permanent marking, clear and beautiful pattern, text, date, two-dimensional code, barcode, etc. at the mark are ideal marking solutions. The superiority of this technology has been understood and adopted by white goods manufacturers, successfully introduced into the industry, and opened up new market areas. UV laser marking machine can mark most plastic models, suitable for PP, PC, ABS, AS, LFT-PP, HIPS, PA, PPO, PPS, PET, PBT and other materials. Cold light source processing, small heat impact, small light spot, clear handwriting, beautiful and durable marking is an ideal choice for the white goods industry.

In the early days, it was realized by labeling paper, inkjet or printing. The defect of this method is that There are consumables, the cost is high, it is easy to fall off after a long time, and it is blurred by itself. However, there is no way to remember information such as internal circuits and after-sales methods. On the other hand, it is not beautiful, and it also has a certain impact on use. Therefore, a laser technology with clear marking, beauty and durability needs to be introduced into the industry.

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